are you really in love

Being a woman can be extremely difficult at times, especially being a single-mother. Women have to play many roles, and play them differently at times, so it’s easy to lose or never even know who you really are. Juggling everyday life sometimes makes it difficult to take the time needed to get to know yourself.
In order to genuinely love yourself, you have to first know who you are. Can you really love someone if you don’t know them? Getting to know yourself doesn’t mean knowing what your favorite song is or what you like doing in your spare time.
Getting to know yourself means knowing what you are passionate about, understanding your personal strengths and weaknesses, knowing and living by standards and values you’ve set for yourself, having a clear knowledge of who you are and what your purpose is.
After you know who you are, you can than start to accept who you are. This is the stage of appreciation for your individuality! During self acceptance, you no longer compare yourself to anyone, because you understand that there is no better person to fill your shoes, your role, or your purpose than you! You are no longer threatened by any outside influence, or fearful of failure, because you know your capabilities, and you know how to use your resources to reach your full potential. Accepting who you are creates a healthy environment to love yourself!
Many people proclaim to love themselves, yet they allow themselves to endure dangerous situations like abusive relationships, drug use and criminal activity; they treat others better than they treat themselves; and they tolerate things that cause them pain. Generosity and caring for others are wonderful acts, but if you are doing this without first giving to yourself, and caring for yourself, you are creating an environment that may cause resentment, stress and strained relationships. This is why it is important to be selfish; to put yourself first.